First of all I want you to welcome here at my new site where I will talk about best teak floor mats furniture and other furniture that are appropriate for bathroom.

I used to have a bamboo mats but it was not great as I thought it will be. It requires a lot of work and maintenance to keep it clean so we decided to get something else. When I was researching what will be the best wood (yes, I love wood in my bathroom) I find one particular product that will work the way I wanted to. It is a wooden teak flooring! I couldn't help myself but to order one that will fits right before our bath tube. What can I say, I love it! It was one of the best investments I have done all by myself (with that I mean no help from my man ha!).

This teak shower bath mat is really a satisfaction to get on to refreshing out from the warm shower. It is very comfy and looks awesome as well. But the most important part for me is that it's safe (no slippy or whatsoever.) There is absolutely nothing more that you should ask for! Oh and not to mention how simple is to clean it! With extra oils that you can get everywhere it will stay the same for many years to come.

Below I will post some photos to see how it looks like. If you have the same problem as I do with flooring then this teak will work great, I can promise you that. So, here they are: